Monday, February 27, 2012

13.01.2012 - Shella.K's Happy Two-O !

Happy Two-O to my dear S@ Shella Kang.
You are officially 20 years old this year!

Bought her a Victoria Secret make up pouch as present .
But too bad I was mess up the size, because I ordered from US website and its so damn mini size.
So,I bought another pressie to her,Armani Exchange Card holder.

#Celebrated at El Cerdo,Changkat .

 ze birthday girl Shella.


 Ordered a half sucking piglet,and its a must !

The waitress told us the ''plate breaking'',something like that which is a Spanish tradition.
Wow,I wish I can break a plate too !

 Hmm,wondering dear S will choose money or LOVE ?
HAHA,so what will you choose if it was you?
She's so scared !LOL.

 Honestly,their portion of pastas are quite huge,luckily we didnt order too much.

 Finished our dinner,we ordered 2 pint Hoegaarden for drinking session.
 #Isabelle and me 

 #MCKY and Shella
  #Elaine and Shella

 Me like a lou sai.
 *eveil laugh*

 Cakes from Godiva.


 A lil' tipsy .

 #my beloved girlfriends.

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